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Dr. Acharya Trigunateet Jaimini

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Sitar Maestro
Creative Musician

Head of Department.- Music
Faculty of Visual & Performing Arts
Mangalayatan University, Beswan – 202145
Aligarh- (U.P.) INDIA
Mob – 9 1 9 8 9 7 1 5 3 5 4 5

Renowned Sitar Maestro Dr. Acharya Trigunateet Jaimini is recipient of several prestigious Honours and Awardsincluding National Excellency Award-2008, Plaque of Honour in International Music Festival Olympiad organised by Department of Culture Government of Orissa & Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre (E.Z.C.C.) Governmant of India Kolkata. American Biography Institute (A.B.I.) U.S.A. Awarded him “MAN OF THE YEAR MEDAL for the year 2005’’, A.B.I. U.S.A. has even published his biography in the “CONTEMPORARY WHO’S WHO OF PROFESSIONALS” and also included his name in the “International Directory of Experts and Expertise”, Dr.Jaimini, apart from being visiting professor in Universities and various music institutions, has given memorable performances in various National & International music concerts with well known foreign artists. He has produced over five thousand music compositions His Sitar recordings are preserved in the archives of the preservation libraries of Dall Dorf (Germany) and E A Yuars (Spain).Guidance to Music Research Scholars & Examiner in Various Universities. Attended Practical Music Research Work & delivered Lectures with demonstration in U.G.C. Seminars. He developed a brand of contemporary fusion music with Italian guitarist D. Turi to provide ‘appropriate background scores for fashion shows in Berlin (Germany) Dr. Trigunateet Jaimini is Known as a sound techonologist and therapist in the field of Music Research.

Guru Shishya Parampara :
Dr. Jaimini is a worthy disciple of late His holiness Swami D.R. Parvatikar renowned Dattatreya Veena player of Nadanand Gharana and music teacher of Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Hon’ble First President of India.

Childhood Achievements :
Dr. Acharya Trigunateet Jaimini is fortunate to have earned this rare accolade and shares ” Born in classic family of musicians”. Child Jaimini was trained up by his devoted musician mother who accompanied him on Tabla at an early age .This led him to giving successful stage performances of Sitar at the age of three. He has since then making his own compositions on the spot in various”Raagas” and “Taals”. His first T.V. programme -classical performance on Sitar relayed from Delhi Doordarshan (National ) Program at an early age of ten years. In the similar age his Sitar performance in Shri Swami Haridas Sangit Samaroh Vrindaban (the National Music Concert was appreciated by senior Top Artists. In the National Concert of Hindustani and Karnatak music organised by Shri Raghvendra Swami Mission Bangalore it was remarkable at the age of eleven years that he played “Dhrupad” on Dattatreya Veena which is exhibited in Sangit Natak Academy Museum New Delhi India and now listed as rare instrument in the Limca Book of Records.

Qualifications : (Ph-D / Six POST GRADUATIONS)
Dr. Acharya Trigunateet Jaimini has a host of professional degrees to back his immense talent that ranges from being a first class post graduate degrees.

Doctorate in Music (Ph-D.)

M.A. in music (Sitar)
M.A. in Drawing & Painting
M.A. in Philosophy
M.A. in Ancient Indian History & Culture
M.A. in Hindi
Post graduate degree of Acharya in Sankrit
Sangit Shiromani (sitar)
Sangit Visharad ( sitar )
Sangit Prabhakar (sitar & vocal)

Acharya Trigunateet Jaimini,apart from being visiting professor in Universities and various music institutions,has given memorable performances in various music concerts. Having got occasions to play duets with well known Indian and foreign artists, the Sitar recordings of Acharya Jaimini are preserved in the archives of the preservation libraries of Germany and Spain.
Dr. Jaimini is always interested in helping deserving poor music students by teaching them NADA YOGA according traditional system of gurukul parampara. He arranges workshops for creation of interest of NADA YOGA – Music Meditation class. in education institutions in summer vacations.
Music Supervisor-Guidance to Music students & Research Scholars M Phil/Ph-D students & EXAMINER in Various Universitys.

Acharya is presently working on the miracles of music therapy. It has been observed that vegetation gets a luxuriant growth on the music melodies. Cows produce increased milk after enjoying music.
The basic theory of Acharya Jaimini is that the objects of nature, the plantations, the birds, animals are instant recipients of the musical melodies as they are innocent. The experiences of Acharya Jaimini say that the heights to which human genius can soar, the sublime feelings, the depths of Love and all that the Brahma (Almighty) has created in his delicacy, can best be expressed and felt through the strings of music melodies and probably there can be no better language for such godly experiences.
The listeners of Acharya Jaimini are also being benefitted by listening to his music on Sitar, thereby feeling relief from mental stress, tension and sleeplessness, and the various resultant ailments and problems


MUSIC DIRECTIONS – (early age of 10 years )
16 Dec 1985 Natak ‘GAVAH’ Story of Shri Bankey Bihari

International Theatre Olympiad Cuttack
1Oct 2008 Drama “Jwaala “ of Ritwik Ghatak
2 Oct 2008 Drama ‘SAARIRAAT’ of Badal Sarkar

I .I. T. ‘Roorkee ‘
13 March 2010 Play- ‘THE BEAR’ of Antove Chekov (Russian Play Writer)

Berlin (Germany)
Spring Fashion show Indian Classical Background Music


The Organisation Hindu Media (O.H.M.) is Holland Government channel. For long it had been trying to prepare a film on “ NAAD YOGA PHILOSOPHY ” which is a heritage of Indian culture. Now it has been possible after obtaining information about. Dr. Acharya Trigunateet Jaimini’s achievements related to “NAAD YOGA”.
Dr.Acharya Trigunateet Jaimini is a well Known Sitar Maestro and Head of Department Music in Mangalayatan University Aligarh. The channel has prepared a documentary film on his “NAAD YOGA ” and Music Therapy along with is life history.
This was recently revealed by Rishi Chaman , the film director of the channel during his talks with correspondents and in the presence Acharya Jaimini. Mr. Rishi Chaman had directed ‘Laxmi Calling Ling’, ‘Sapney’ and ‘Itch’ and made documentaries on Indian artists like Sonu Niigaam, Asha Bhosle, Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan and his son Abhishek.

322, Patthar Pura Road
(Near Rasayanshala)
Vrindaban – 281121
Mob – 9 1 9 8 9 7 1 5 3 5 4 5
e-mail acharyamaestro@gmail.com

Bio data post
by Dr. Rantambara
writer Arts & Culture

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