Curing diseases through music therapy
Acharya is presently working on the miracles of music therapy. It has been observed that vegetation gets a luxuriant growth on the music melodies. Cows produce increased milk after enjoying music.
The basic theory of Acharya Jaimini is that the objects of nature, the plantations, the birds, animals are instant recipients of the musical melodies as they are innocent. The experiences of Acharya Jaimini say that the heights to which human genius can soar, the sublime feelings, the depths of Love and all that the Brahma (Almighty) has created in his delicacy, can best be expressed and felt through the strings of music melodies and probably there can be no better language for such godly experiences.
The listeners of Acharya Jaimini are also being benefitted by listening to his music on Sitar, thereby feeling relief from mental stress, tension and sleeplessness, and the various resultant ailments and problems

Curing diseases through music therapy

Acharya Trigunateet Jaimini, a sitar maestro and musictherapist has been doing research on the miracles of music therapy for the last nine years. He has Successfully tested the research work on a number of patients during music meditation camps. His work has been focussed on interlinking the diseases with a particular “Raga” which could provide instant relief to patients.

According to Dr. Jaimini’s deep research the plants,are also receipients of Indian classical music
(U.N.I. VARTA news 28 Dec 2003/HELTH-MEGNA PUBLICATION 2 Feb. 2004 )

Dr.Trigunateet Jaimini has produced over five thousand music compositions


He is the only sitar maestro in the world who plays Dhrupad on sitar, Besides endeavouring to revive the Dhrupad style of music, Dr. Acharya Trigunateet Jaimini today is busy providing therapy through his music. (The TIMES OF INDIA new delhi (Agra plus page-3) 23 June 2006)

Making Indian classical music for fashion shows

Acharya Trigunateet Jaimini, has worked hard, for several years to develop a brand of contemporary fusion music to provide ‘appropriate background scores for Indian art galleries and fashion shows, particularly those showcasing traditional Indian attires’
(INDO ASIAN NEWS SERVICE 6 Jan 2008/ Bollywood News-Yahoo 6 Jan 2008/ THE PIONEER 8 JAN 2008/ HINDUSTAN TIMES-Lifestyle 7 Jan 2008/ ZEE NEWS 6 Jan 2008)

Waiting tunes on mobiles can jar on the nerves

“The requirements can vary according to the needs and circumstances, and repetitive music can play on your nerves,” says music researcher Acharya Trigunateet Jaimini from Vrindaban
. Jaimini, Head of Department, Sitar, Mangalayatan University, in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, has after a six-month research on waiting tunes and hello tunes on cell phones, called for a review of what “is routinely dished out in the name of music to customers”.
The researcher studied the effects of background music, hello tunes, repeat music and waiting tunes before concluding that telecom companies were not doing a service to either the music world or the customers Somebody who calls to get some urgent information or a distressed caller wanting to register a complaint would love soothing musical strains to lift the spirits.
”Right now the service providers or the call centres do not bother about the mood or the mental state of the harassed caller who finds the ‘press one or two or three’ instruction message hardly amusing. He may be in a desperate hurry to connect to an ambulance service or get some information from the police. While the customer is made to wait, he is subjected to soporific or painful scores,”Jaimini said in an interview.de to wait, he is subjected to soporific or painful scores,”Jaimini said in an interview.
( NDTV 22 Jan 2009 / THE TIMES OF INDIA -Scienc-health page 21 Jan 2009 / The Hindu 22 Jan 2009 )

Sitar maestro Jaimini honoured with Excellency Award

Noted sitar maestro, Acharya Trigunateet Jaimini, was felicitated with the prestigious National Excellency Award-2008. For his outstanding contribution in the field of Indian classical music and extensive research on transcendental and therapeutic music,he was lauded. Dr. Jaimini, a professor of music at Mangalayatan University, Aligarh had brought twelve of his university students to participate at the recently concluded 16th International Theatre Olympiad at K.V.K. Auditorium.They took part in two dramas; Jwala and Saari Raat in which Dr. Jaimini orchestrated the background score for the plays.On the penultimate day of the theatre Olympiad, Dr. Jaimini also set the background score for a play performed by foreign actors on the request of veteran thespian and founder-secretary of India Theatre Olympiad, Prof. Kartik Ch. Rath.Hailing from an illustrious family of musicians, child Jaimini has had her first music lessons from his musician mother Geeta Devi who also accompanied him on the tabla on stage when he was barely three.Dr. Jaimini, now only 33, has already several prestigious honors and awards to his credit.
(The pioneer – nation page 2 oct 2008 / Tathya.in 4 oct 2008 /

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